About LifeChez.com

The purpose of LifeChez.com is to make living a little easier and prettier in your home, office and anywhere else! Share tips on reusing, repurposing, upcycling and recycling to save time and money….so you can enjoy life more!

Why “LifeChez”? First, the “Life” part denotes the lifestyle of each one of us. The “Chez” part is derived from the French vocabulary meaning “the house of.” Each of our lifestyle comes from within the walls of our house, whether big, average, small or tiny; owned, rented or at work or school; as an owner, renter, a family member or guest. Additionally, most of us actually live a great portion of our lives outside of our homes, such as at work or school. Why shouldn’t those places be comfortable for us, too? We can increase our own production and efficiency by having a functional and eye-pleasing space. When, as a result of a little fixing, our performance is done well, which, in turn, contribute to our happiness!


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